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We Paint All Metal Surfaces On-Site And In-Shop

Indy Electrostatic Painting Inc. is the premier source of electrostatic painting in Indianapolis.  
We are a woman owned company with over 27 years experience in electrostatic painting.

We Offer High Heat Electrostatic Paint - Indoor/Outdoor

Commercial - Residential - Industrial - Farm
Serving Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, IIllinois and Ohio

Electrostatic Painting Benefits:
- Environmentally friendly
- Fast Drying
- No overspray - 98% transfer efficiency rate
- Smooth and even coat over metal
- Very cost-effective
- No work for you - just pick your color
- No job too big or too small
- Custom color matching
- Written quotes.

Electrostatic painting is an eco-friendly painting process that is environmentally friendly with up to a 98% transfer efficiency.  The paint is electrically attracted to the metal and in essence
"magnetically" attaches itself to the surface.  Our customer service and quality will
leave you happy and referring us to your friends. No job is too big or too small.  We
can do it all from bridges and airplanes to tea cups and toys.

The electrostatic painting method is ideal for refinishing equipment in country clubs, hospitals, banks, health spas, gymnasiums and laboratories.

Save Money
For a fraction of the cost of new furniture or equipment, we can transform a dreary, mundane office into a vibrant new area in which to work. We provide free quotations upon request.

Indy Electrostatic Painting, Inc. will provide our services in a timely manner and strive to maintain a 100% customer satisfaction.

Environmentally Responsible

At Indy Electrostatic Painting, Inc. we believe it is our responsibility to protect the environment for future generations and prepare our business for the Millennium.

That is why storing, handling and disposing of paint and cleaning materials in an environmentally safe manner has always been part of our standard service. We recycle.