Turn to Us for Superior Metal Refinishing Solutions

At Indy Electrostatic Painting, Inc., we provide outstanding electrostatic painting and refinishing services. You can count on us to make your indoor and outdoor metal furniture or equipment look brand new.

Indy Electrostatic Painting, Inc

Our Metal Finishes

We provide the following coating options and leave the color choice up to you.

Basic to Custom

Two-Component Epoxy

Two-Component Acrylic Urethane

High-heat Paint

Surfaces We Work With

Indy Electrostatic Painting, Inc


  • Patio Furniture

  • Wrought Iron Fencing and Railing

  • Metal Deck Rails

  • Light Posts

  • Appliances

  • Metal Staircases


  • Handrail and Stair Cases

  • School and Gym Lockers

  • Fences

  • Gates

  • Wrought Iron Railing and Fencing

  • Bathroom Partitions

  • Elevator Doors

  • Window Mullions

  • Exposed Beams and Duct Work

  • Laboratory Cabinets and Equipment

  • Shelving and Office Furniture

  • Outdoor Furniture

  • Refrigerated Grocery Store Equipment

  • Walk-In Coolers

  • Horse Trailers

  • Heavy Equipment

  • Commercial Roof Top A/C Units

Indy Electrostatic Painting, Inc

Let’s Talk About Your Project

To get started, reach out to us now. Our team is excited to help you restore
the aesthetic qualities of your metal surfaces.