We Paint Metal Buildings, Machinery, Railings, Water Fountains, Mullions, Gym Lockers. We Paint All Metals. Indy Electrostatic Painting Inc.

We Paint All Metal Surfaces
On-Site Or In-Shop

We Paint Metal Restroom Stalls and Lots Of Other Metal Equipment

We Offer High Heat Electrostatic Paint Indoor/Outdoor
Purchasing new equipment is expensive. With electrostatic paint, our customers can still have their older equipment look like new.

This can help them maintain the professional appearance their customers have come to expect from them.

We’ve also noticed that when companies purchase used equipment and apply a long lasting electrostatic coating, their employees and machine operators seem to have a greater sense of pride and do a better job maintaining the equipment.


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We Paint Machinery, Store Fronts, Restroom Stalls, Railings & More!